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Hajj Pilgrimage 2017

One of the most important and essential pillars of Islam is the “Hajj Pilgrimage”. It is the recognition and symbol that reminds us the day of completion and perfection of the religion of Islam. It was on this day that Almighty Allah revealed the following message to the Muslim Ummah of His beloved Prophet, Sayyiduna Rasulullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam): 

"Today, I have perfected your religion for you and completed my grace upon you and approved Islam as your religion."

London Star Travel helps the pilgrims with proper guidance in respect of not only performing a cheaper and economical Hajj 2017 but also help guide them to perform the Hajj in it true essence and spirit.

Some of the fundamentals of performing Hajj where our agents held guide the person desirous of performing a Hajj 2017 are mentioned below:

Economical Hajj Preparations 2017

The person intending to perform Hajj must ensure that in order to carry out a holy journey whether it is Hajj or Umrah, it must be undergo in a Halal manner. If a person wishes to take more from the journey, then he must be aware of the fact that the journey to the Hereafter which is longer and more difficult and that the best provision for that journey will be Taqwa (Piety).

Before leaving home, the intending pilgrim should be aware that he is going to a holy place and is now bound for the House of Allah. He is on a journey where his intention is to please Allah (Subhan Wa Taala). He should also have hope that his Hajj will be acceptable in the court of Allah, not due to facing difficulties but because of the trust that he has in His Creator.

Five Days of Hajj:

8th Zil Hajj : Hajj Pilgrim go to Mina from Makkah in the morning after wearing the Ihraam.

9th Zil-Hajj : Hajj Pilgrim arrive at the land of Arafat in the morning and pray to Allah in Arafatby offering prayer of Zohar and Asar and leave for Muzdalifa just before sunset.

10th Zil-Hajj : Pilgrims settles in Muzdalifa for the night offer their prayer of Maghrib and Isha together. The pilgrims then left for Mina after the Fajar prayers. Then reminder of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) in terms of sacrificing a goat etc. in the name of Allah and stones the Jamratul Uqbah. After sacrificing, they trim or shave their hair and remove their Ihraam for ordinary clothes. Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarah is then made and Sa'ee between Saffa and Marwa. They now return to Mina

11th Zil-Hajj : The three Jamraats are stoned. It is a compulsory ritual of Hajj in emulation of the Prophet Ebrahim (A.S). They represent the three locations where Ebrahim (A.S) pelted the Shaitan (Satan) with stones when he tried to forbid him from sacrificing his son Ismail (A.S). The pillars are known as ‘Jamarat-al-Ula’, ‘Jamarat-al-Wusta’ and ‘Jamarat-al-Aqaba’.

12th Zil-Hajj : The three Jamraats are stoned again. Before leaving Makkatul Mukarramah, the Haaji will have to make the Farewell Tawaaf (Tawaaf-e-Widaa).

Precautions during Ihraam:

i. Do not cut hairs
ii. Do not cut nails
iii. Do not use perfume
iv. Do not hunt
v. Do not cut trees and plants
vi. Do not wear gloves (for women)
vii. Do not prepare for a marriage or formal proposal
viii. Do not wear stitched cloths

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